Principles of Engagement

The foundations of the Indigenous Research Framework are grounded in a set of guiding Principles for the way that researchers engage with Indigenous community partners.

To determine what those principles should be, we engaged extensively with research partners at UBC and in community beginning in the fall of 2018 with a Principles of Engagement Gathering held at UBC's Point Grey Campus. Read the Summary Report from the October 2018 Principles of Engagement Gathering.

Based on discussions at the 2018 Gathering, we created a draft set of Principles of Engagement. Throughout 2019, the draft Principles were shared widely for feedback. This included at a series of community dialogues, with researchers and key staff at UBC's two campuses, with IRSI's Indigenous Advisory Committee, and most recently at the Indigenous Research Framework Gathering held at Musqueam Cultural Centre in late 2019.

Based on feedback received, the Principles of Engagement report has gone through a number of iterations. Considered a 'living' document, it will continue to evolve as we receive additional feedback and guidance from our community and institutional partners.

Download the current draft Principles of Engagement Report here.

We welcome any feedback and input into the contents of the Principles of Engagement report. Please send your comments to us at