Indigenous research toolkit

Developing an Indigenous research framework

IRSI is co-developing an Indigenous Research Engagement Framework for UBC that is informed by Indigenous community partners and is based on shared Indigenous values and founded on community interests. Elements of that framework will be added to this section of the website as they are developed. In the interim, we have provided links to existing resources that Indigenous researchers will need. Combined, the resources on this page comprise a toolkit that will assist researchers already involved in Indigenous research with the various steps of their research collaborations

Principles of Engagement

IRSI is working to develop Principles of Engagement for Indigenous research, based on the needs, worldviews, cultural context(s) and values of Indigenous peoples.

Principles of Engagement Summary from gathering hosted by IRSI in at UBC Vancouver, October 2018

Data Governance

IRSI is building its approach to Indigenous research data governance through collaboration, partnerships and co-creation on a project basis. Content for tools and resources will be shared from the following two projects:

Dialogue on Indigenous Data, Information and Records, A collaboration by IRSI & RSHDC

IRSI Indigenous Data Demonstration (Currently under development)

Current Research Data Resources


Data Policies and Guidelines

Research Data Management at UBC

UBC Checklist for Data Privacy and Information Security - Researcher's Checklist

UBC Abacus Dataverse


Access and Privacy

Information Security


IRSI is building its Indigenous ethics framework in collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, staff and community members in June 2019 to discuss the steps required in building an Ethics Framework at UBC and with other institutions.

Current Research Ethics Resources

Behavioural Research Ethics Board at UBC

Research Ethics BC Harmonization Initiative

Enabling Infrastructure

How to enable a project with partnership in mind.

Community-University Engagement Support Fund (CUES)

Partnership Recognition Fund