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Champions of STEM: Perspectives of Indigenous Faculty at UBC

In the realm of academia, where knowledge intertwines with aspiration, three exceptional Indigenous faculty members at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have been crafting their own narratives of success, resilience, and enlightenment. Dr. Warren Cardinal-McTeague, Dr. Jennifer Grenz, and Dr. Shandin Pete are not just distinguished in their fields of expertise within STEM; they are also trailblazers whose journeys are marked by an unwavering commitment to both their Indigeneity and their

Honoring Indigenous Scholars: In conversation with Margaret Moss

At the University of British Columbia (UBC), remarkable individuals shape the landscape of academic excellence and community engagement. Among them, Margaret Moss stands out as an outstanding leader in Indigenous research, nursing, and advocacy. Her journey at UBC, which began November of 2018, has been marked by transformative initiatives and a steadfast commitment to Indigenous students’ well-being. Join us in delving into Margaret’s remarkable accomplishments, as she shares her experiences in

Honoring UBC IRSI IAC Members: In conversation with Laurel Evans

With over 20 years of experience in research ethics, Laurel oversees the operations of the research ethics boards at the university and its affiliated hospitals. The position is responsible for ensuring that ethics processes and policies at the University meet local, provincial, national and international requirements. Her prior experience includes positions at McMaster University and St. Michael’s Hospital. At McMaster University, Laurel served as a senior ethics advisor, legal counsel for

Honoring Indigenous Scholars: In conversation with Mary Song

To commemorate IRSI's 5-year anniversary, we take great pleasure in presenting an insightful account of the organization's journey over the last five years. Our objective is to illuminate who IRSI is, as well as its evolution and growth. As part of this series, we are honored to showcase a group of exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to Indigenous research. Through engaging dialogues and conversations, we have highlighted impactful projects, partnerships, and

Honoring UBC IRSI IAC Members: In conversation with Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi

Fran has more than 20 years of experience in senior management and direct engagement working with Indigenous peoples. Her areas of expertise include Indigenous adult and post-secondary education and training. Fran is currently the Executive Director of the Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness and was the inaugural Director of the Office of Indigenous Affairs at the University of Victoria. Fran is also an entrepreneur and owns a consulting business, Hunt-Jinnouchi Enterprises. She has a