Working with IRSI

How we support researchers

The landscape of Indigenous community-based research is shifting as universities begin to understand the importance of engaging in community collaborations that are equitable based on reciprocal partnerships. Navigating Indigenous partnerships requires a level of understanding, adaptability and awareness. IRSI acts as a liaison to ensure that Indigenous research projects succeed and that outcomes benefit all partners involved.

IRSI provides the following support to researchers for Indigenous community collaborations:

  • Serving as a point of contact for researchers’ inquiries and information
  • Assisting with matching researchers with community research support needs and providing introductions
  • Provide education and training for researchers and other partners to enable effective collaborations
  • Identifying potential funding sources and supporting the co-development of grant applications where requested
  • Identifying potential external partners for projects
  • Supporting the co-development of research protocol agreements, including Indigenous Community Research Protocols and Data Management Protocols
  • Supporting best practices in pre-engagement
  • Gathering feedback from collaborative research partners and developing and sharing best practices, when appropriate, based on their experiences 

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